How do you protect your teenage children from the negative impact of social media?

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I think it is high time that we need to be honest to our children. Instead of hiding behind the bush or talking behind curtains, we need to unveil things. Do we not talk and educate our children about sex! We, do. In the same way, one has to ensure that before the child makes a foray into social media, one is aware of what safety measures one should take and how one should not befriend strangers and how vulnerable we become to wrong people if we start talking to strangers believing that they are working on the computer and one would come to know of it. We should make them aware of how cyber crimes happen so that they know what they should not do being on social media and be responsible for their actions.

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By educating him/her. By telling him clearly what are the adverse things that can happen if we are not diligent in the world of social media. I think there is no secret way to it. You will have to openly talk to your child and educate him about the hindsight of social media.