When do you usually check your social media account/s?

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While I breast feed and while she sleeps. She's 5 months old, but I noticed that she was attracted by the phone when she was just 3 months old. I mean it is the "perfect" toy for them: interactive and colorful, full of sounds and images. I'm one of those moms who say that won't let their child play with it, but it's easy to say it now 😂

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For my personal account, I check it while on the road then next is when I'm about to go home or on the way home na. But for my social media account for work, since I need to monitor my ad campaigns, need to check it from time to time.

i check it at the most once or twice a day, mainly when i am having my tea or just lying down. there was a time when i was almost addicted to social media, but thankfully am now barely into it that much.

My social media accounts are open on my phone all the time and I do receive alerts when there are new notifications. So when I am free, I check it right away. If not, as soon as I can, I check them.

My social media accounts particularly Facebook and IG are open almost 24/7. Only when I'm out and LTE is not so good, I lose my internet connection. Otherwise, I can access it anytime I need to.

Whenever I am idle, I check my social media accounts. But I'm more into Facebook and IG only. I don't use other sites.

Whenever I'm free. Mostly in the nights. There is no specific time set. With young kids, it's tough.

During work breaks, lunch time, while on the bus going home and before I sleep at night.

Whenever there's an alert on my phone, I can determine if it's worth opening or not.

Daily I check my Facebook during work breaks. I do IG at night before going to bed.