Which of your friends' babies' photos do you NOT like seeing on social media?

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Pictures with baby's privates on full display. As innocent as these babies are, I just think that there too many sick weirdos skulking in the world wide web, getting off at the strangest things -- including naked pics of baby in the bath tub. I agree with most of the moms here, poop pictures are also a no-no. Ick!

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Babies not wearing bottoms and just diapers! I also dont like to see repeated photos of baby doing the same thing. I understand if you take 100000shots but maybe just choose 1 or 2 nice ones to post?? Instead of posting each and every pic which looks the same :x

Personally, I think are those bathing photos. Feel that if I were the child, I wouldn't want to have my baby bathing photos out on the internet floating around.

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Dirty Diaper Photos. Usually when we scroll down social media its during mealtimes. It just turns me off during my meal

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The photos where the babies are not in a good mood and cranky..

Babies with make up and trying to dress them up like adults.


Babies bathing and hair styled like an adult.

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Poop pics!