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Anyone not using social media at all?

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Can't not use due to work but personal time, I'm only using instagram. I'm scared of Facebook. It will.just suck you in and before you know it, 1 hour is gone just like that.

4y ago

Me too. Stop FB for many years.

Do use social media but in moderation. Sometimes it’s also good to go for a social media cleanse. It does wonders!


Me. Social media is dangerous but it really depends on individual. For me, I'd rather delete all social media.


Not me! I need to use social media for my work as well. Good on you for not using social media.

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Yes few of my frnds still there which r away from social media

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what's wrong with social media? haha

Still using Facebook and Instagram.

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Using only Instagram .. (:

Tried to, but failed 😝

I do a lot of it.