a general qn, how often does a mom sleeps when the baby sleeps (3mths)? do you actually stay awakes after the baby sleeps just to perform the regular stuff (surf net/browse thru fb/watch tv) to "re-claim" some me time, esp after the night feed at 9-10pm & knowing ur LO doesn't sleep thru the night? my hubby n mil are nagging me to sleep more, esp I am going back to work in 2wks.. sure I am tired, but I want to feel that I haven't lost myself (before-baby) in the whole new parenthood thingy..

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Understand that u might not be able to fall asleep immediately when they r asleep too, just rest ur mind and body (sit down have a drink and watch tv etc) if u cant sleep in the afternoon. After nightfeed, try to sleep early though they might not sleep through the night yet, u will get used to the schedule soon and before u know it, u can fall asleep after their night feed easily. Even for 1-2hr each time, it is good enough for a quality rest especially if u r breastfeeding, rest is most important to maintain ur supply This is from my personal experience and i have no issue going back to work like a zombie now =)

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See, you can't force sleep on you. If baby sleeps that does't mean that you are also sleepy at that particular time or will get sleep. Sometimes, you long for that time and think that when the baby will sleep I will also sleep, but somehow when the moment arises, you are not able to sleep. So, when you are not sleepy and keep trying futilely you get more tired than feeling fresh. I guess, if you feel sleepy with the baby then sleep, else just relax, surf the net, watch a movie or do whatever relaxes you.

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I reckon you ought to listen to your husband and get some sleep in there admist the me-time you mentioned. You will definitely miss the sleep when you go back to work and juggle both job and family life. Even if you don't want to sleep long hours, get in some short naps in between just to reclaim your energy and relax your mind. You won't lose your old life by getting some sleep -- just need to plan your days better to include your activities, work, baby care and the much needed sleep.

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for me, my character is if i wanna do then i got to accept for what will get to lose. since its my choice not to sleep early so i cannot complain i will be tired. but if im going back work definitely i wont stay up late but will try to get enough sleep to prepare for work tiredness, if nv go working is okay to have some me time i feel.

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I sleep when the baby sleeps that's the rule i follow at least for myself. There will be plenty of time to go back to having some me time once your back to work. But for now, your body needs all the rest it can get especially you just gave birth and all the breastfeeding hours spent with the baby.

If you do not find it physically draining while caring for your LO, then sure you can don't sleep and do your stuff. But if you can feel the frustration for not having enough rest, then I guess you should listen to your hubby and mil.

Even if you can't sleep every time your baby sleeps, at least relax. Do something which relaxes you. Your hubby and MIL are asking you to sleep for your betterment!

Before I go back to work, I only sleep a few hours.. 1-2am to 5am (feed baby) den maybe will nap from 9am to 11am

Some days I try to slp when baby slps. Someday I just do what I normally do to have some personal time