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Is there any orphanage where we can donate toys and clothes? I hope donated stuff can be put to great use.
You may wish to bless in Facebook. Some families are really in need. 1. Sincere blessings for babies &a mummies 2. Blissful blessings 3. Blessing items for low income families!
Thanks mummies, I just hope blessed items are not resold in the market.
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You can bless them on Facebook on this group.
You can also donate them to the Salvation Army!
You can donate them to Sanctuary House, a non-profit that provides foster care for children and support for families. The toys and clothes you donate will also go to households helping to look after t
Do you use conditioner for your girls' hair? If so, at what age?
i started using conditioner for my kids around the age of 9. the brand that i love is Himalay and also Biotique, as their products are really gentle and use all natural ingredients.
I don't have a girl, but I do use conditioner on my boy's hair. He's 5 this year and has very dry and course hair
Hi Ashley mummy, It all depends on the kid's hair texture. My no 1 has long straight hair but hard to comb it especially when it is wet. Therefore I got her organic hair conditional which you can ea
yes, think i started when she is 3 yrs old, i use QV
Think kids are still small to use conditioners. Might block the hair roots.