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Anong baby sites ang madalas ipapanood niyo kay baby?
depende po sa age ng bata pero maganda ang dave and ava at barney jan natuto mga anak ko
Nick Junior Dave and Ava Baby joy joy Ckn toys in YouTube
Dave and ava
nick junior channel
BabyTV sa cable
Kailangan bang maguilty pag naiisip mo ng tumigil magbreastfeed? 1 yr 4 months na baby ko.
It's normal especially for exclusively breastfeeding moms to feel guilty. Ako nga 45 months na, kahit nahihirapan na ako kasi 2 toddlers sila ngbbreastfeed, I still can't wean my eldest. I personally
Hindi naman but better if until 2 years old or until the milk supply lasts😊 after all, breastmilk is still the best milk for our lo.
Hindi naman. Pero if kusa na syang bumitaw, wala na tayong magagawa.
For me, no. Don't feel pressured dahil may mga kaibigan or kakilala ka na nagbreastfeed longer. Iba iba din naman kasi ang situation natin and may kanya kanya din tayong reason sa pagstop sa breastfee
When are the times you feel like having a vacation - alone as a couple?
Pag sobrang pagod na kayong magasawa sa work at halos wala na kayong time na makapag usap kase pag uwi nyo sa bahay e pareho na kayong plakda at antok na antok na.
Wedding anniversary. Okay din kasi yung paminsan minsan nakakapagbakasyon ang mag-asawa to enjoy and bond.
How do you make yourself beautiful for your husband?
Just keep it neat and clean all the time :) treat yourself once in a while..go to thr salon or spa, or get your nails done.. Moms should take good care of themselves too :)
I too shares the same experience with Charm. :) My husband is not into the typical 'beautiful' some man defines.. I just go with what is comfortable with me, besides I am not into make up aside from t
I exercise to keep myself healthy and fit and of course good personal hygiene. I always ensure that I look clean and fresh when my husband comes home from work.
Regular exercise is still the best to keep a good shape. Syempre don't forget personal hygiene.
Unlike most of the women out there who are fond of collecting make up and crazy about their eyebrows and all these stuff, I personally don't put anything on my face. haha I am thankful that my husband
Do you find it strange when a woman is not inclined to wearing jewelries?
I don't find it strange because I am also one of them. I don't feel comfortable when I am wearing necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. :D
Not really, women have different preferences and I think one of those is that. I agree with jewelries as form of investment since if you already have jewelries I guess if its value goes up it can't be
No, because I am one of them. I don't wear jewelries even earrings, aside from my wedding ring.
I don't wear jewelries. I don't even have a watch. I do wear so something if there is a special occasion or depends to my mood. But most of the time, none.
I think it's fine :) i don't wear much either coz i used to be a preschool teacher and the students might pull on it or they might get scratched. Same reasons now with my 2-week-old. For moms with t
May favorite breakfast ba kayo on a Saturday morning? Share naman please.
Anything SiLog plus hot chocolate. Sarap!
Nothing beats rice! Iba pa din pag kumakain ka ng tapa at hindi iniisip ang pagpasok sa work
I love loming batangas lalo na kapag tag-ulan. Mainit sa tiyan sa malamig na umaga.
Usually, during Saturday morning, we have enough time to prepare for breakfast since lighter na lang ung tasks ko for my online work. My husband prepares heavy meals like sinangag with mixed veggies a
What are the things you're doing to ensure you leave a good legacy for your children?
Aside from providing a good education, we're now training our daughter on how to pray and read children's bible everyday so that in the future, she'll be a God-fearing person which will be equivalent
My mom always told me that the best gift she can give me is my education. Knowledge, according to her is a gift that could not be taken away from me.
Actively trying to present the best version of myself in front of them. That and also trying to instill good values in them that will help them live live free of prejudice and bias.
What are some ways to teach an 8 year old child to be more positive especially if the child gets discouraged easily?
I think a great way to encourage kids of that age is to assure them that effort is whats most important. Also, the importance of failure and that if you learn from your mistakes anf shortcomings, ther
What's the best birthday present you received from your spouse?
Mother's ring. It has the birthstone of my husband, our baby and mine.
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Because I can't think what's the best gift my hubby gave to me.. I just asked him beside me now of what's going to be his answer. I'm surprised when he said "our daughter".. Awww :') butterflies in my
Definitely, a new watch! My wife knows my tastes, and for my last birthday she gifted me with a new watch! It's already my favorite
Big deal ba syo pag hindi sinusuot yung wedding ring?
Di naging issue since lagi namang suot ng asawa ko ung wedding ring namin. If hindi isusuot I would ask why, if di pasok sa banga ung reason baka aun maging issue na sakin
Big deal pag di nia sinuot, never pa naman nia hindi sinuot
Nd naman po. 😊
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Dati big deal din sa akin kaso natatanggal kay hubby natatakot siya baka bigla na lang mawala. Di nga namin alam bakit e sinukat naman niya yun nung pinagawa namin. Di lang kami makabalik dun sa nagga
Yes syempre. Nagpakasal ka dapat ipagmalaki mo