going back to work soon, how do I tell my boss that I can't work as late as "before-baby" period? I used to be very dedicated to my work, staying back to work till 11plus at mist days.. now I so tired (my lo doesn't sleep thru the night), and I fall asleep after my lo sleeps at 9-10plus..

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Honesty is the best policy. You can be honest about it, but be prepared of the repercussion effects in terms of the impact on your career progression. Given the constraints on your job flexibility, it's not going to do good to your job stability in a difficult market environment as well. That said, I'll pick my family over my career anytime. Assuming that your boss is understanding and pro family, have a discussion on the possibility of changing your job profile such that it's likes time sensitive and allows you to plan ahead.

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Yes, I agree with the rest that having a chat with your boss would be the best. Especially since it sounds like you were required to work late frequently in the past. Having the talk with your boss can help set realistic expectations given the change in circumstances. I’m sure most superiors would understand. Hopefully, arrangements could be made such that you can be given the less time sensitive work so that you will not be feeling stress from both ends (work and home). Take care mummy!

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Just be up front about it. Is your boss a parent too? If he or she is, then I reckon it wouldn't be a problem. Even if your boss isn't he or she can't expect you to always work late. You have a life and it shouldn't be spent in the office, especially now that you're a mom.

I didn't say anything ( although I was not as late as you ). It helps that my company culture is quite family friendly , most leave 6 or 6 plus. I just became normal. Was fine at the start but after 2 staff left Found it hard to complete everything without OT...

You need to have a frank chat with your boss about it. Its not possible to handle both with equal dedication. I hope he/she understands your situation and provides you some flexibility . May be you will have to compromise on your salary and position.

Just be honest with your boss. I believe he/she will understand the season you are in now as a parent.