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Hi mummies, my 9 week old baby sleeps well at night but i have difficulties putting him to sleep during the daytime. Have to carry till he sleeps and even so, he wakes up after a short while, sometimes less than 30 min and sometimes less than 1h. I see him yawning after the short nap but even if carry, his eyes are very big and he does not sleep. Total sleep he has in a day is probably 12 to 13h. Do i need to be concern if he has little sleep?

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Is this a phase? Is ur little one nap better now ? I am at six weeks already facing this sleep after feed but wake up shortly and couldn’t put her to sleep anymore even patting and rocking her to sleep she sleep like 30 mins max and the cycle’s so tiring

12mo ago

Same!! At night also dw to sleep 🥲

same here.. but suddenly one day (around 2.5 months) he naps with little carrying so i guess they grow out of it.. continue to swaddle him to let him feel 'safe'

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It’s normal. My LO also don’t like to take naps during the day. I will coax and she will only sleep for 30 min max.