For those who did not hire any CL neither confinement food delivery . May I know who will you ask to prepare your confinement or do it by yourself? Any suggestion of what nice confinement food to cook ?

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Day time, for first2 weeks as it is very crucial, order confinement lunch. Dinner was by my mum. last 2 weeks, all by my mum. I am relatively very easy person. i ate same thing everyday. long bean omelette, wine chicken and cauliflower. i look after my baby on my own even during confinement. no rest at all because baby dont really sleep. start to catch up sleep when baby is 6weeks old.

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Food wish is prepared by my mil. I cared for my kids myself. For #1, my mil manage to help me look after during the day while i rest. But for my #2 confinement, has she had to care for my elder son, i took care of my #2 all the way. She prepare meals for me and brew longan drink.

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I catered confinement lunch and I diy confinement dinner. I actually did a rojak where I followed Indian, Malay and Chinese confinement practices :) Indian confinement believes in a lot of nuts, milk and ghee. Malay confinement in lots of meat and coconut oil and Chinese lots of ginger.

I made my own food, not exactly confinement food. I boiled either pork ribs or chicken feet add potatoes and carrots, stirfy chicken breast with ginger and seseame oil. These are easy to make and can be whipped up in a jiffy. Try it.

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I prepared stews, soups and one-dish meals full of proteins and fibre so that I could eat them with the multi-grained breads I liked or with brown rice or noodles too. Froze them and warmed them up during my postnatal recovery.


my granny help with my confinement and my helper. you need lots of nutrients best is to have food with ginger. steam Threadfin fish for milk supply. use sesame oil in all dishes

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my confinement food was prepared by my mother n mil. lots lots lots lots of ginger..sesame oil at least 30ml in my dish. dom benedict. n of coz some longan n red dates water.

I froze lots of meals a few weeks before giving birth. Then just defrost and cook them. Didn’t exactly prepare confinement food. Just healthy clean food. Lots of veggies!

My Grandfather & my Husband grandma cooked for me. Nice food which I enjoy so much! Lots of ginger is the key. My Favourite is chicken in wine! I can eat every meal

I went for those confinement meals caterer to settle for my lunch. Dinner and breakfast were prepared by my mum. Had ginger, livers, fish, dom etc.

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May I know which caterer u ordered ?