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Any mummies notice LOs getting fussy or crying for you or daddy more often during this 7th month?
Yes for me! Omg and the nightmares my LO is having since day 1 of 7th month! She screams out of nowhere halfway sleeping. And is very sticky to me. Day time ie fussy as well. Cranky. I thought she mig
Any good recommendations on water purifiers? I am not sure if an alkaline water purifier is good for our body or not? Am thinking to get hot and cold type but I scare the heat will cause the inner pla
Im just using a water filter.
I have heard that alkaline water is good but I'd rather just use normal water.
May I know where can I buy brand new kebaya for my 3 year old girl and price is below $30? Those in carousell are too expensive and limited designs.
When do you need the kebaya? Hari Raya Puasa is starting end of the month, there would be a geylang bazaar with a wide range of kebaya on sale. You can check there out.
East coast has stop houses which sells them. Alternatively try geylang Serai too
You may want to go to Tanjong Katong Complex and check it out. I'm not so sure about the pricing. However they have a lot of selections there.
Planning to bring our 3 year old girl to Tokyo. Will 7 days in Tokyo be too much? Any places in Tokyo on top of Disneyland suitable for her? Also will middle or late may weather cooling for us to go?
May is definitely a good time to go as it is cooling and not rainy yet. But prepare a jacket just in case weather gets cold due to rain. I love Tokyo a lot so I don't think 7 days is too much. There i
7 days is okay, but like the other mums mentioned, do ensure your girl has enough rest - don't stay out too late! Late May would be better I think! Will be warming up :) You can check out this website
I think is ok. I brought my 10 mth old on a 2wks trip n it was ok
Second the mom above. Ensure that your girl has rest. 7 days seems a bit long to me. It can be very exhausting for both of you.
7 days seems ok. Just ensure your kid has sufficient rest during the day and night time. you can also space out the activities so it would not be too tiring.
Brand new Christmas 2 pieces wear Too big for my girl hence letting go at $20. top length 47cm, bust 54cm, pants length 49cm (height 100-110cm, 3-4.5yo) Price includes normal mail.
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HI! Is the santa claus made of felt or printed? Cant tell from pic. Thanks!