Filipino moms and dads, would you consider raising vegetarian children? Why or why not?

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I know that there are a lot of non-meat alternatives for most, if not all, kinds of nutrients. However, I'd prefer not to limit my child to only vegan/vegetarian options. What I wanted him to learn, though, is how to have a balanced diet. It doesn't matter if it's meat or veg/vegan options. For as long as he's eating healthy, I'm good with that.

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No. While vegetarian diets are healthy and there are alternatives for meat, I still want my child to get the nutrients from meat. Also, my husband and I are not vegetarian so it would be impossible for us to raise our child with this diet. Once she grows old and want to be a vegetarian, I'll gladly support her.

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Not for kids. I'd be very happy if they love to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but as children with so much activities, it is advisable for them to have balanced diet, meaning with carbohydrates and protein as well. Kids need rice or bread and meat, eggs, fish, milk for source of protein.

I don't think so because I'm not educated yet with the nutrients that each vegetable has. I want my child, of course, to get the optimum nutrients and I know I can get that from a full meal diet (meat included). If someone educates me, then I might consider it.

No. It will be impossible for me to raise our kids with this kind of diet because I am not a vegetarian. I only eat very limited kinds of vegetables and for sure my kids will ask why they are eating vegetables only while I eat meat.

I know vegan/vegetarian diets are healthy and still balanced, but I personally believe that children should have the nutrients from meat and seafood so they have enough energy to last the day and to have some left over for growth :)

It's of course good for children to eat a lot of vegetables but not a vegetarian. Children need complete and balanced nutrients for their growth which can be found in the different food groups, not just in glow foods.

Minsan naiisip ko yan. A friend of mine tried it pero sobrang payat naman tingnan ang mga bata and i feel like i'm depriving them of food na healthy naman for them basta di sobra sobra.