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Where does your child go to preschool and what's the annual tuition fee?
Explorations - for both of my girls, we paid over Php200k (5% sibling discount)
May painkillers ba na pwede sa pregnant women?
Biogesic is supposed to be safe
For moms of baby boys, did you get your son circumsized before leaving the hospital? Do you talk to your pedia about that before delivery or after na?
No. My son's pediatrician didn't advise us to do so. We're planning to have him circumsized pag malaki na siya.
Thinking of cooking salmon tonight! Any easy yummy recipes?
sinigang na salmon is life ❤️
Baked salmon? Just put olive oil on pan, put salmon fillet skin down, spread Japanese mayo on top, sprinkle lemon juice and chopped parsley on top, then bake for 30 mins in 180 C oven :)
Feedback on the Haakaa pump?
Tried it, it was alright. Slower than an electric pump but it's fuss-free and does its works. The suction is good. Even when I use it while breastfeeding, my baby can't knock it off easily.
Does anyone here have a trusted yaya/maid employment agency? Have heard horror stories about some and want to avoid the stress!
Hi D here is the most liked and has a good review agency its also DOLE accredited . You may try it http://charmondecanemanpower.com/ Charmonde CANE Manpower Corporation
I know this topic is "just dads" but wanted to ask what do you guys reeeallly like receiving for Christmas/birthday?
I want to receive a bluetooth headset :)
Personally, I love receiving socks haha. Dads can never have too many socks!
Pag may program ang kids, do you invite both sets of grandparents to go or pag graduation lang?
Graduation lang sila present most of the time ako lang umaattend sa program ng anak ko.
Kapag graduation, both sets. Kapag programs, we don’t invite at all because our kid, being in preschool, don’t have elaborate programs. They usually take only one-two hours long.
Does/did anyone here experience heart palpitations while pregnant? My OB said it's normal but still feels weird!
It’s normal and can be non-harmful as your body go through changes. But if you have a history of heart problems, it might be a sign of a serious problem. So, it is best to consult a doctor. If your OB
Have you ever hired kasambahay with scarring seen in chest Xray? My cook had TB and she got the appropriate treatment for it, but my friend's cook had the same (chest xray showing scars) last year and
No before I hire a kasambahay I let them undergo chest xray first as a safety precaution for my family...part of my hiring process- it's a learning from another mom, my SIL son was infected wi
I agree with Mommy Maila. Better to still consult the doctor. Always better to double check and be safe than sorry. Mahirap na irisk yung health ni baby.
Try mommy to check if active TB sya baka peklat lang sa xray nkita. Pnakasure kasi is to check their sputum by acid-fast baccili exam