Parents, do you consider buying clothes in ukay-ukay? For both you and your kids. Why or why not?

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I haven't tried wearing clothes from Ukay-Ukay but I've been meaning to! A lot of my friends find their valued thrift treasures there, but as for kids, I think it's okay for them to wear pre-loved clothes (not necessarily from Ukay) but all must be cleaned thoroughly first. Some kids might have weaker immune system compared to us and they might be allergic to some dust particles left in the clothes when not properly laundered.

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Lately, I have been joining FB groups selling preloved stuff and I find it really exciting. Most of them sell branded and excellent to very good used condition clothes. I'm fine with it, so as with my kids, but not from the bale or ukay since it's already mixed and the quality is not guaranteed unless you really check on the items one by one. I can't stand the smell of ukay because of my asthma.

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Pre-loved is okay with me. I joined online shops for moms and babies selling pre-loved items. You just have to do some checking on the background of the seller and where the clothes really came from. I don't want to buy from ukay for kids as I don't know where the clothes came from and how it was stocked. For health and hygienic purposes.

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Ung before ako manganak, nakapagshop ako sa ukay ukay for baby clothes. nakakachamba lang ako ng may mga tags pa kaya alam kong bago. Pero kahit ganun, binabad ko pa rin sya sa maligamgam na tubig bago ko lalabhan to make sure patay ang germs. Until today ukay ukay pa din. babad lang sa mainit or maligamgam na tubig.

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I haven't tried buying clothes from ukay-ukay but my baby is using preloved clothes from friends and garage sales in our neighborhood. As long as the clothes don't have stains, holes or loose buttons (because it is a choking hazard), I'm okay with it.

For myself, okay lng, pero for my kids medyo may konting hesitations pa..Im not against buying clothes from Ukay, kac may mga magaganda nmn tlga, in case na makabili ka ng for kids, make sure lng cguro pakuluan muna bago gamitin.

for yoy.mommy ok lng sguro basta super labhan mo lng. but for ur kids, wag na po sguro kasi mahina pa resistensya nila bka mairriate skin nila. at bka kung anong meron sa damit na makahawa sa kids. but still, iys up to you po.

Yes I've been buying ever since a friend asks me to go with her. At first it's for myself then I got to see clothes for my eldest and bought it. Just make sure to wash it and "banlian" ng mainit na tubig. Afterwards iron it.

I love ukay-ukay but I haven't tried buying there for my kid. They say clothes from ukay-ukay were sprayed or washed with a bit of formaldehyde to prevent bacteria, which is too harmful for my baby's skin, I presume.

for my baby no po.. pero ako nabili ako sa ukay specially pag new arrival hehe. my husband said pag nakita daw naten kung pano e handle ang mga damit na yon sa china.. baka hindi na daw ako bumili sa ukay 😂