Filipino parents, would you send your only daughter to an all-girls school? Why or why not?

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Hello Jared, I myself is a graduate of an All-Girls Catholic School from nursery until high school. It's fun to study in this kind of environment. I learn how to strictly follow rules, aim high and be on top of all my goals. I wanted my daughter to study in an all-girls as well. I believe it will help her have a School-Life Balance. The only thing that made me think twice is the fact that she will be too comfortable having purely girl friends. It might be difficult for her to adjust in socializing with the opposite sex. Even if she's a daddy's girl and has a lot of uncles and boy cousins, it's still best if she can learn at a young age on how to communicate and socialize with everyone, including different gender.

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I prefer to study my daughter in exclusive school in highschool. Its ok for me to study her in co-ed in her elementary and preschool days. Dahil sa highschool dyan nagstart ang mga crush, pag bf. Mas ok skn na ndi sila mahihiya kht anong gawin nla. Ksi pag co-ed tps highschool andyn na may mga bastos plus andyan din mga xperimenting stage. Even my daughter is in exclusive private school for girls may mga classmate sya na mhilig mag xperiment much worst pa kng may classmate sila lalaki. Magkkaron pdin sya ng equal xposure for both genders dhl may kapatid sya lalaki, and ksma nya din father nya plus may cousin din nmn sya na lalaki din. But for college its ok for me magstudy na sya sa co-ed school.

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I prefer not to. Nothing against those who study in exclusive schools. It's just that I want to grow up in an environment where she can interact with both male and female equally as she might have a hard time adjusting later on. We can teach our child some precautionary measures of we are a bit hesitant to expose him in a co-ed school.

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I'd prefer to let my daughter study in a co-ed school so she'll be exposed to both genders as she grows up. I want her to have an equal understanding of the roles, rights and responsibilities of a male and a female. I believe it's still nice to have her experience it first hand during her growing years.

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I would. I am a product of an all-girls school. Of course I wanted to have boy classmates in high school LOL, but i realized now how easier it was to focus on your studies when you don’t have to think about boys constantly!

Hi Jared! My daughter is studying at an all girls school. We decided to send her not to exclude her from the boys, but to teach her proper etiquette and modesty. :)

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hi, what school did you enroll your child? pwede malaman mga nagustuhan mo sa school na yun? hirap mag decide kasi. sorry need lng ng suggestion. turning 3 this july si daughter