The Philippines is largely a Christian country, but if you and your partner grew up not at all religious, would you consider raising your children non-religious, too?

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My family is super religious, but I guess I grew up to be this kind of person who believes that being morally good doesn't equate to being a devout Catholic. Although they are quite bothered whenever I fail to consistently attend mass, they just let me be because they knew I still believe in a Higher Being and that I still venerate and seek Him, albeit not often. I think for me, for as long as your kid believes that there's God and if your kid is doing good deeds, that's enough for me.

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being a Christian is different from being religious. I will teach my kids to be a Christian and not religious. Christianity means you believe in Christ, you follow His teaching and guidance. Once I've been religious.. I don't even know why I go to church.. but religiously I go, especially on sunday. That helps to make me a good person but being Christian makes me better. I want my kids on their early age to know more about Christ who is our Saviour.

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I would still introduce the concept of God, prayers and going to church to my kids. As parents, we would be here to guide and teach them the proper values. I want my children to become good individuals and it isn't based on how religious a person is.

Yep. I am doing that now. Me and my husband practice different religions. We educate them about it and go see their place or worship or temples. We don't impose religion at home. Kids can still grow up respectful and humble even without religion.

teach your child to be christian not to be religious.. Christian establish relationship with God .,read a bible,pray everyday,go to church. . while religious is being ritual go to church,listen,sit and go home..