How Can I Make My Hubby Come Back?

Hi everyone I really don't know what can I do to make my husband love me again. Our relationship has been very sour ever since the birth of our daughter. Till the extend we are staying separately. We do not have our own place. Our main issue is he don't trust me in taking care of our baby. He sides his parents alot. We had alot of quarrel till the extend he send a lawyer letter to me and wanna have our baby. I tried talking to him many time even recently he told me he don't love me anymore. He gave me 2 choice 1. To move back and stay tgt be the parent to our baby that's all. Or he will fight for our baby. I really love my hub alot. I wanna keep our family tgt. But I really can't live with my in laws anymore. They are the issue to majority of our issues. And I don't know how to sleep beside someone who no longer love me. How can I make my hub love me again? How can I make him want this family again? I really don't know what should I do.

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Hi. I am really sorry to hear that. You are a very patient person. For me, i dont think i hv that patience. To me, if someone cn't even LISTEN and acknowledge my concerns, especially own husband, who should be by your side for good and worse, i would umm feel so betrayed. He uses lawyer probably cz he's so afraid that you mite never let him see the kid forever. Not bcz he dont trusts you maybe. I am not sure. Bcz you wanna save this marriage, and cz he is not listening, i suggest you write an email to express your sincere concern and wanting to get together again as family, for family's sake, not for anyone else's sake. You both brought your kid to the world with God's Grace, so you BOTH gotta be the best for your kid. Maybe he loves you deep inside but bcz of current circumstances he said otherwise. I am not sure abt this cz like i said, i will nvr have that patience. It sure does hurt alot if he said he doesn't love you anymore. But cz you are sincere to want to make this wrk, tryta remind him of the good days, on why you both got married in the first place. Husband and wife are d only 2 persons who cn make a marriage wrk. Not the third parties. They do not matter. What they say dont matter. They don't get to decide. Tell your husband to let you be your kid's mother. Cz you are the mother. Not your mil. Get that right. You got this sis!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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4y ago

I don't know how can I make him listen to me. Whatever text I send him he will just ignore.

Very hard for making someone to come back unless he thinks of your good. For me before that I almost everyday quarrel with my husband also due to mil. I really very tired with it. Until I get my house I faster move out and once a week or month get to see my mil. What's I don't like about my husband is whatever I told him about his mother he will directly say his mother. I scare my mil think I'm the one say behind her back. For my husband He never say he don't love me at all even quarrel he say he love me. I really told my husband I tired of quarrel with him can we just talk nicely. Give in to each other. Give our child the best and love. Maybe you try talk. Communicate is the key

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I think he’s the main issue and your mil might be the problem. You are the mum of the baby. What makes him think you will harm your own child? But best is to work things out between both of you with a counsellor as he definitely will not listen to you if you say anything negative about your mil. Do stand your ground about not staying with your in-laws. It may be your in-laws pushing for him to stay all together.

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Upgraded to be a mother. You must be stronger than hero trust yourself everything you can do it never failed at all. Husband don’t love you anymore forget it. Love life very little chance to stay till end. If you are capable to take care daughter you can fight back n under your control. To get back relationship need time to heal

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Sorry to hear this dear. From what I can see, your husband's the main problem because he doesn't want to change or make effort to see things your perspective. You have already done your best to talk to him. I'm afraid, you should be the one to give him the ultimatum

Try couples/marriage counselling. It will help you both talk through all the issues

You can't change a person who doesn't love you unless you change yourself first.

Try marriage counselling so that both of you can try to work things out

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Go counselling, tell your hubby it's for this marriage at least.


Why does your husband not trust you with the baby?

4y ago

I think maybe you cn put hidden camera? Or voice record in secret?