Just for rant. I got a Husband who is a petty guy. He says that's everything he say he want do for our lo, I say can't.. is because I know our lo's pattern more than he does because he Everyday work will late in the night then came home and even weekend doesn't help to take care yet he still say everything he want to do I say can't like making our lo sleep when our lo just woke up 2hrs ago with about 3hrs of afternoon nap and half an hour of a train ride nap.. And alternate Saturday I have to work , and Saturday is the time for our lo go back to my own parent house so is it correct for me to stay a night on Friday whenever I have work? So I don't have to rush back my house to bring out lo back to my own parent house. If I have to do this way, half of my Saturday is already gone. Isn't it good for my mil to have a rest on weekend since she is taking care of our lo During weekday and somemore Everyday night she does have a work to attend.. I seriously find my Husband a mummy boy seriously. Even Sunday is a family day for ourselves, he tend to want go find his family instead of having to spend sometimes with us.. he also doesnt want bother our lo when he was with his family because he thinks that only his Mom can take care of our lo... because he is like the same as my sil. My sil can also just leave her child with my mil and don't bother about them.. that's why he can learn this pattern. And for me, I will never because our lo is my precious. Even whenever our lo went back to my own parent house, also in the one who is taking care with sometimes my mom help... if so, why would I want to work office hours to spend time on weekend for our small family? Sigh.. I really can't take it with him anymore...

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every first new born is v precious to everyobe in the family n extended family.. just want to caution.. Do not think too much and extend any negative feelings towards any of extended families, eg in law. try to reflect from both angles. It is good to keep it within husband n wife and improve sharing n communication. Be open mind that this is just a phase of life that both needs to go through together. Acceptance n accomodation of one of the unseen side of each other. btw, whether a person is mummy boy or not is not important, its important though that he did show he is family oriented. with the setting up of a new family unit, often the extended are neglected after a while.. think through it, hope i shared a different insight..

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Hi dear, have you explored trying to speak to your husband calmly. Many times its communication that causes unhappiness and misunderstanding in marriages. You have to consider many factors. Afterall it seems that your husband sounds tired. Have you been spending time with him as well? I know having lo is hard, but what makes a family united, both moms and dads, we are a team. When we are okay our children and everything else falls into place. Fix the pillars, both you and hub. It takes 2 to tango. Whether a marriage fails or is everlasting credit goes to both parties never one sided.

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7y ago

Whenever we talk, he tend to quarrel with me after that even I talk nicely to him.. ya I know he tired so almost all weekend I'm the one taking care and letting him rest. Even my lo woke up early, in the one accompanying my lo instead and let my Husband sleep more.. but why dk why he just don't think of my feeling..

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Hang in there mummy!