Hi I had big argument with my husband, Would like to ask everyone on how to deal with as he asked me for separate and end our relationship. I suppose to pick up with parents who are mid 80's and he did not want me to pick them and told me that my daughter needs me more and mentioned that my parents are selfish. I tried not to speak with him and he scold me in the car and shouted at me "Do you want me to be very angry? " You wanna see real me? No matter how much you pay for things, Your F*** duagther wants to see you. (I just want pick my parents then come to our home). then he said, he can't live with me and ask me to sort our relationship. What should I do?

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I believe you have tried to talk to your husband about this, and since talking to him did not work, I think it is good to see a marriage counsellor. You shouldn't have to be making a choice between your parents and your daughter. He needs to understand that you want to see your parents AND daughter. It seems like your parents and him don't hv a good relationship. Do you know why?? If so, maybe try to work on that and help them build up a better relationship. Perhaps this will help clear up some misunderstanding he has towards you (that you choose your parents and not daughter)? Do also go and see a marriage counsellor, there might be more complex underlying problems that you might not know about firsthand and the counsellor will be able to help you out best. Good luck!

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I see that there are other things which might trigger further into this argument. A fire will not just start on its own. Is ur hubby get along with ur parents or family members these many years of marriage? How were your relationship with him before marriage? You might like to think back thru these years if he had any misunderstanding. He might sound selfish towards elderly. I don't see any wrong if you are doing wat a daughter should do for your parents. I will advise seeing a family counsellor to help out by giving you the best advise and hope thru this can help you to understand your hubby better. Jia you!

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Frankly, from the way i look at it. There arr underlying issues. This is not the main reason, it merely soarked off his reaction and frustrations. Could he be unhappy about something else or juat using this as a reason for seperation. It does not take 1 incident for either party to raise the topic of seperation. Can you try to talk to him or sort thibgs out amicably. Otherwise i suggest to go for marriage counselling. I think a mediator would be helpful.

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7y ago

Hi, We have constant argued about small things all the time. At the beginning of our marriage we stayed at my parents, he has never talked to them for the past 7 years. Besides, always ignore to talk to them. We did not get along well and I tried my best. I am the one who feed family, I have to feed 5 members, He has time to chill but I don't. Before or after work I do house work and looking after daugther when he does not want. This is the usual issue. However, I have never asked for separate.

Is ur hub okay? Either he's too childish or he has some mental issue (depression or what).

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Are there other underlying arguments which been bottled up for too long?