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Me and my husband on the verge of divorce due to my pil. I have very stubborn in law. Told them no juice for my baby don't listen. Will complain to my hub when I say no. My hub will often tell me they got 2 kids you got 1 only you know what. Always I have to tell him they got kids before don't mean they got experience in taking care! I say no to new food introduce to my baby as she just started eating we must try one by one by they simply don't listen and prepare porridge for my baby with new food mixture. Of cos I will say no. I tried explaining to them and my hub but he just say why ah gong cook for grandchild got wrong is it. We had numerous quarrel over my in law till the extend I move out with my baby and now he blame me for separating him and baby. But he don't see a issue. Continues staying with in law really making me insane. I'm not working my husband don't earn alot too. And I don't know how to salvage this marriage anymore.

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How old is baby? And pil wants to introduce juice? Just let them know that fruits are okay if above 6months old. Eg blueberries , Apple, pear, banana etc 100% Fruit Juice will be at 1-2 yo is still acceptable. Have to introduce slowly n 1 by 1, eg a week or so. Not all babies accept new food right away. We are not being too protective but just it takes time for baby to accept new food too. Maybe you can discuss with PD, ask him/her write a testimonial or any memo. At least have some support. Husband will not argue with you much. Anyway show your hubby this http://www.gtgoodtimes.com/2018/03/30/newborn-suffers-indigestion-bleeds-death-grandmother-insisted-feeding-solid-food/ https://sg.theasianparent.com/newborn-baby-food-intake This grandma said, she use to feed her own children same way. But end up, this is what happened

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Omg 7 months old n wanna introduce juice! No way. Too young. Just started solids not long. Ahhh that’s explains why. Sometimes they may listen too much. Anyway just find those articles n make him understand one day. Just be firm. 💪🏻

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Anyway for baby or toddler i read it's better to offer fruits than juice. Juice is actually unnecessary. Plain water or BM is good enough for fluids intake at their age