Tmr I am going to law firm to engage a lawyer and fight custody with my hub. Reasons for our divorce my pil. His parents initiated to fight my baby with me but till date no action. From all the threatening text I received from them I felt so pressure. And I decided to go ahead first. But I don't know why I start to think should I when my lawyer appt is tmr. I still love my hub I still hope to give my baby a normal family. But what he did to me was too much. For anyone else to be in my shoe they would leave him long ago. I still stay on and have our baby till now thing become like this. I really don't know if I should go tmr....

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Dear Mum, I know it is hard but please be strong and with time everything will be fine. You need to be there for your baby and that is the most important thing right now.

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Hi dear, I can't help much but i want to give you a virtual hug 💕 I hope one day everything will be okay. Pls be strong for baby.