How Can I Make My Hubby Come Back?

Hi everyone I really don't know what can I do to make my husband love me again. Our relationship has been very sour ever since the birth of our daughter. Till the extend we are staying separately. We do not have our own place. Our main issue is he don't trust me in taking care of our baby. He sides his parents alot. We had alot of quarrel till the extend he send a lawyer letter to me and wanna have our baby. I tried talking to him many time even recently he told me he don't love me anymore. He gave me 2 choice 1. To move back and stay tgt be the parent to our baby that's all. Or he will fight for our baby. I really love my hub alot. I wanna keep our family tgt. But I really can't live with my in laws anymore. They are the issue to majority of our issues. And I don't know how to sleep beside someone who no longer love me. How can I make my hub love me again? How can I make him want this family again? I really don't know what should I do.

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Try counselling please