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Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. Me and my husband decided to divorce reason being we had too much quarrel over my pil. My husband priority is always on his parents. When me and my baby cannot have family time ourselves most of the time. I only go back to my in law place once a week my baby currently 7 months old. Never stayed at my in law place for more than a night after give birth. I did my confinement at my own place and due to alot of issue I keep postponing on moving back. Upon discussion with my hub. I told him I will try to make it once a week and bring baby back for them to see. I'm working part time 3 days a week for a few hours. My hub don't feed us. I'm currently bfing my baby. Taking care of her most of the time myself only time is when I go to work my aunt will help out. Now my hub want to fight custody with me. Cos he want my baby go to his place and let his parents take care while I work. So he want 3 to 4 days a week. Which I don't agree as we stay super far apart. He actually suing me now just received his lawyer letter. Anyone know what are the chances of me getting my baby care and control? My hub family is rich. I am just from a normal family. I don't know should I give in or hire a lawyer as financial part is not easy for me. If I have a higher chance I will hire a lawyer no matter how difficult it is.

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You can try going to Legal Aid Bureau for pro-bono lawyer to help you with the case. You can discuss with your lawyer on whether you are keen to fight for joint custody with care and control under you, or sole custody. Do note that with either, the father may still be able to request for access rights (i.e. overnight stay with him/outing with him). You can also request for maintenance for your child. Hope that helps.

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Yes please visit the legal aid bureau for help. U can also call the family court and check with them the process /procedure for getting pro Bono help. Usually both parents have joint custody and mother will have care and control as bb is still young. Father usually get access rights over Weekend. There is also free legal clinic in each housing area u stay. If all fails, approach MP they have means to help u find pro Bono lawyers. Never give up. Not to forget fight for your maintenence allowance.

You are the mother of the child. Try find fulltime job. You have more chance to win as now Baby need mother most. Dont give up! Usually mom will win. Unless u really poor and cant feed ur baby. Try to seek for ur family help to take care of baby during the law process, try to give baby breastmilk, find a stable job, to proof that actually baby need u more and can live comfortably

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Mostly u can get joint custody, Care and control normally can be under u. As u are giving bfing. As access time can be reasonable and u can request for maintenance for your child. Anyway, try to go for Counselling see whether u both can turn back. I believe u having depression due to just give birth. Try to give your baby a happy and complete family. “We Love Child 👶🏻”

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You are the main caregiver and mother of the child. You have a better chance of winning the custody. Do try get a full time job and support from your family to help you through financially day to day. Take care

Enrol your child in infant care while try looking for a full time job. You will have more chance being financially stable.

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better to have a lawyer. higher chance c&c will be grant to u bc u r bf-ing. he will need to give u and baby maintenence

U n hubby should move out instead of divorce. PIL problem shouldn’t be made your marriage problem.

Find a lawyer.