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Hi Mommies, want to ask if anyone have same experience or can share your opinions about this. I just got discharge from hospital and late informing the nurse in my area about I'm staying at the area coz before I told them that I would go back to my parents home which is not in the same area. so later after they know that I'm staying they ask me to go to clinic everyday for check up but I'm too tired as I only got discharged and this is my first baby and I need to go thru my postpartum period with just my husband. I'm too tired and emotionally also stressed out coz of one of the nurse keep blabbering non-stop. I know they only say that for our own sake and maybe coz our own reckless action but I'm seriously need break, and if they don't come for visit to check my wound what can I do? Is it dangerous? Or when should I worry? Now the only important things to me is my baby health. #firstbaby

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I understand the pressure tho, I have gone through it before. I czer jugak, and honestly memang energy drained out & tak comfy bila nurse asyik nak datang rumah check and desak2 suruh bawak anak pergi kk when I already clearly stated I will bring my baby to check up monthly dekat clinic swasta. So one time je diorang datang, after that I shut them down. Not trying to be rude tapi bila czer ni memang emotionally & physically worn out and we need our own privacy & time to healing. You should check up dekat swasta too, it is convenient sebab you can choose your own timing. Wound tu make sure tak bernanah, tak berlubang, tak berdarah, if it happened then go to the hospital. Also keep the wound areas dry

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Thank you for replying, it means a lot to me who just had my first baby by c-section and also pantang sendiri wt hubby. yes memang betul stress. I don't know where to ask and who to refers when it comes to the czer wound. 😘❤️