Issue with Husband and Myself

Mental Awareness #advicepls #pleasehelp Me and my husband have been married for a year plus. We have been blessed with a baby boy. All these while, we've been LDR since dating engaged married and now with a baby (5m23d). Since we have a baby, my husband have been stressing me so much. When we argue and I couldn't control my anger. I would hit myself until he need to stop my hand from hurting myself. It happen twice. I realise it is some words he says that trigger me and make me act that way, sometimes my husband doesn't understand how tiring it can be taking care of baby since his not with the baby (fyi I'm a working mom) I work 8-5 and come back continue taking care baby. Does other moms have this kind of experience?

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Tulis jawapan

please refer to the psychiatrist. atleast can prevent ur mental problem become more worst. because once u hit ur self, it show that u really need a help.