Which type of breast pump? Double pump or single pump

Hello! My Edd is in nov and I am not sure should I get a double pump or single pump. What is the difference. It is my first child, not sure if i will have enough supply but my plans is only to breastfeed for the first 3 months only, due to the nature of my work. Thank you!

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Double pump = can pump 2 breasts at the same time (save time!!) Single pump = can only pump 1 breast at 1 time! Depending on your Budget, you can try to get an imported set of Spectra S1 @ $160+ on Qoo10 or a real bubee @ $10+ on shopee! Would recommend Spectra for 1st time mum cos it’s more gentle on the nipples! Will be a good investment despite the price!

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if u want to combine single pump with haakaa also can, it's very useful for me, I have double pump but sometimes I only use it as single pump and combine it with haakaa, less parts to wash and hassle free for the other hand

Get a cheaper one. Afraid that if you invest in the expensive pump but end up use for a short period of time = waste money. Realbubee breast pump is recommended by most mums for a affordable cheapest double breast pump.

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Double.. it saves half the time pumping and you get to drain both breasts at the same time. Furthermore, when you pump just one side, the other side will leak.. I would say, go for the double pump.. :)

I bought double pump but I use single and haaka when pumping. So that I don't have to hold both the pumps while pumping. At least one of my hands is free to multi task.

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Spectra or medela double pump. Most importantly, get measured for the right flange size. These 2 brands have a wide range of flange sizes.

Double will be faster. But just like you, I intend to do for 3 mths only. So I bought single and Hakka the other one

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Def double pump to save time. I have a spectra s1 to keep in the office and real Bubee to bring around.

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I got single pump for my first child. Now I get double pump for my upcoming ones. To save time. Haha

Double pump for sure. Save u half the time. I am using spectra s1