Double pump or 2 single pumps?

I would like to double pump as I heard it expresses more milk this way. However I see that with current promotions, 2 single pumps are cheaper than a double. Is it the same effect if I use 2 single pumps at the same time? Like the only difference I can think of is that I will need 2 plugs... But I have actually never seen a pump in action before so I dunno..

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don't feel there much of a difference buying 2 single or 1 double pump. the main difference may be that you have more equipment to carry around, since the single pump are attach to individual machine

Super Mum

For me a double pump worked better for me. i also carry a manual breast pump in my bag too.

You’d need to monitor 2 pumps, and carry both around. If that’s ok, good deal :)