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Hi! Would like to know when y’all mummies decided to get a breast pump, before or after delivery? And to get a single or double electric pump? My concern is that what if I purchased it before I deliver and unluckily, I won’t be able to breastfeed or my baby won’t like it pumped and prefers to latch-on.

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Get it before delivery because if you get it after you may not have time to buy. Double is better so you can pump both sides. I didn’t think so much abt whether I cld breastfeed baby anot when I bought it. But turned out I had Breastmilk luckily. Sometimes after baby latch on if you still feel engorged can pump it out. And if you feel like you want to rest and don’t want to latch it’s gd that you pump out and have someone help you feed baby in a bottle. But then if you feel like you want to know if you’ve supply anot you can also buy the pump later. Pupsik offers next day delivery.

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2y ago

Thank you so much 🙇🏻‍♀️

double pump. save time and energy