Did you use aircon or fan during your confinement?

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Yes yes, I use both. Day time when it isn't so hot or rather bearable, I will use the fan only but if weather is a killer, will just switch on the aircon but temperature will be ard 25 degrees. At night as my kids are back and they are used to sleeping in aircon room, will have no choice but to put on something warm so that I don't feel so cold. Degrees at night would be usually 26 degrees.

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first half of the month I on air con full day, thn switch to fan blowing directly at me in the morning and afternoon, air con by night. my body gets warm easily, so I cannot dont have fan or air con, and also because I got eczema, sweating will irritate my skin. hahaha. but so far, everything is okay. (:

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I had the fan on because I'm not used to having the air conditioning on the entire day. Confinement rules dictate that you're not supposed to direct the fan straight at yourself, but set the fan on rotation mode. I couldn't be bothered because it was just too warm.

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I used fan instead of the aircon. I realized that I couldn't tolerate cold like I could before pregnancy and it is als believed that the cold is not advisable for new mums as "wind" will get inside and you will get bad rheumatism when you are older.

Using fan during the day and aircon during the nights or when evenings are extremely hot. So far weather has been treating me well (raining for quite a few days in a row), so extremely lucky!

I didn't do any confinement for both pregnancies and use ac and fan. I heard other moms say that I should not do this or that or I will get sick. So far, nothing has happened to me :-)

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U will feel it when u get older

I used both. In the day, I used the fan but at night uses air-conditioning. Having said that, I wore long sleeve top and long pants to bed. I also put on compression socks.

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I used aircon throughout my confinement period, but wore Long shirt and pants and socks. Can't stand the hot weather plus cannot bathe or wash hair

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i use both aircon and fan. In hospital aircon at 10deg or less .. haha.. Its really very hot after birth which i really cant endure.


no bathing & no direct blowing of cold air so aircon all day at 26 degree celsius minimum fan speed 😁