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My baby is now 7 mths old. he has ben crying practically every night even halfway through his sleep. He wakes up every 1-2 hrs crying but because of hunger. He just wishes to be carried to sleep. Any
My baby girl Co sleep with us.... she also will take pacifier... if not try to give your baby her favourite soft toy and left them to lie on the bed them self and pat their butt. ...try not to carry t
your baby doesn't know how to sleep on his own that's why he's waking up every 1-2 sleep cycle (each cycle is approx 50-60min in length). my boy is exclusively BF and he sleeps through the night at 5
Pacifier. Trying giving some milk. If you are traditional, old ppl say put an angbao/jade piece under pillow.
Hi, are u co sleeping with baby? My LO sleeps better when we co sleep. U can also try the following: 1) milk 2) pacifier 3) rub ru yi you on baby's tummy and sole
What stops the crying? If hunger, why not feed milk? Sometime can be growth spurt phases lasting some days. Need to analyze the behavior and get to the root.
How to encourage or make kids of age 2, 5 & 8 to eat more vegetables? #parenttown
You can try making these: (replace kale with spinach and you will get spinach chips)
my son don't like vegetables too i use to cook more longer time let the vege more soft so he can no need chewing too long and now he eat vegetables.
you can set a good example by eating more vegetables yourself. you can also check out apps and recipes online that teaches you how to make interesting and yummy veggie snacks like pancakes etc
You can make them tasty by adding ketchup to these vegetables....or some lemon juice and salt to these boiled vegetables.
make cabbage , carrot n tomato boil as soup base.
It's been a few months that hubby and I haven't had sex as we are both too tired. Will it affect our marriage? #parenttown
Better to have
It probably depends on how much hub values physical contact. 😂
I don't think so... its not necessary to have sex always.
Kung ayon ang isa sa emotional needs niya/mo. Definitely may effect po. Kaya better, alam mo/niyo kung ano yung emotional needs ng isat isa.
It will affect if it's long term
Am giving tuition currently and still expressing milk at the same time. It is very taxing for me cos need to race with time. Any suggestions? LO is 6 mths old.
Use the freemies! I personally loved freemies as I can be handsfree and mobile and can basically do anything I want. Give it a try!
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I read working mothers posted that usually they sacrifice their lunch hour and also wake up in middle of night to pump. I know it is hard but mom's love is stronger, so i'm sure you can do it too.
Do you mean that you don't have time to express milk now that you have a job giving tuition? How often are you giving tuition? If you have a fixed schedule, you could find some time before and after t
How much yield is considered normal? Bottle fed while at school but direct latch when he's bad. Pump on an average of 4 hourly. #parenttown
Every mother's milk capacity is different so there's no "normal" yield. And don't compare your pump output with others. As long as you are producing enough to meet your LO's demands, that's all that m
There is no standard guideline on how much yield is considered normal. Some mothers yield more and some yield lesser. It can be due to hormonal issues and demand of baby's intake. The more disciplin
My LO of 6 mths just started having fussiness in latching after having blocked nose. Is there anyway to let him latch in peace like the past? #parenttown
I found that the baby's position matters,especially if he has blocked nose. You can try nursing this way: you lie down on your back (raise your body about 45°) while baby's tummy is on your tummy. It
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The baby has discomfort in breathing for sure that's why she's fussy when latching. Agreed with Grace above that you should successfully remove the mucus first from baby's nose. This will relieve her
Hi Vanessa, I am using this pigeon tube mucus suction to remove the mucus. Once you succeeded in removing the mucus, your lo will feel much better when she drinks milk.