Post natal massage

Hihi, do u all on aircon or fan when u have your post natal massage at home? Cause during confinement not suppose to expose body to wind so was wondering if i can on aircon or fan during massage.

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So far my experience on confinement days are fan on always but not direct. During massage, I took DOM before the session which help to keep the body warm from aircon.

not blowing directly should be fine i on aircon too when doing my post natal treatment

f cared as i couldn’t take it after a week, for my own sanity

aircon 27°C with the vent not blowing directly towards me

I on fan. am covered with thick towel throughout.

on aircon 27°C and covered with thick towel

no aircom so only use fan...

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avoid both :)

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I on Aircon

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Aircon ..