Aircon or Ceiling Fan?

Newborn should sleep with aircon temp or ceiling fan?

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I think both are ok. You can mix the usage. Usually fan in the mornings or afternoon but I used aircon during really hot afternoons and evenings. Be sure the temperature is not too cold. Usually 25 or 26 degrees Celsius

Both in mixture, usually day time fan night time not too cold air con

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I’d do fan for day naps n aircon for nights when sleeping with us

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Day time fan should be fine. Night time try to keep temp at 25

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During the day, we slept with fan and at night, we use aircon

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Daytime standing fan. Nighttime aircon at room temperature

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Both are fine. Just make sure the room is not too cold

Aircon is preferred by me, I put the temp at 25 degress

4y ago

You may use A/C as long as the temperature is like the coolness of a ceiling fan...

I would say fan because aircon feels dry