Did you ever have sex outside marriage? I feel in women's case, it is such a big deal and a sure shot marriage breaker, but if a man does that there is always scope of things getting fine with time.

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i wouldn't want to go down the road of comparison of whether or not it is right for the man or woman to have sex outside of marriage. i feel it is not right for any partner to have sex outside marriage, it is cheating and there is no two ways about it. yes, indian society has a way of forgiving the man easily and punishing the woman for doing the same, but it is not right in either case.

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no, thankfully i still do not have the urge to have sex outside marriage. and if i did, i think it would be better to think through about what is wrong in my marriage and work on it, or move out. for me, it is not right for anyone to have sex outside marriage, be it the husband or the wife.

It is okay if you are not satisfied from your husband. And having sex with some new partner is completely new feeling and experience that one must try ones in a life.

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Nope. Never will. And my marriage will end 💯 if my hubby ever did.


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