Obligated to have Sex?

Are wives obligated to have sex in a marriage even if they have no mood? My sex drive is dead. I can barely work up wanting to have sex once a month. Hubby thinks it’s part of marriage. I am at a loss on what to do

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I wouldn’t see it as an obligation. But it’s true that sex is important in a marriage. If a man does not get his desires fulfilled, he will naturally look for it elsewhere. Women need to know that having sex with their husband is the best way to protect their marriage from a third party. It’s ok if you don’t feel like doing it once in a while, but try other things like going to bed naked with your hubby or wearing sexy lingerie to bed so that he won’t feel that you are not interested at all. Any form of intimacy is good.

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From guys point of view, If your hubby don’t get sex, he will obtain it from somewhere else. There are so many avenues to obtain it from. He will soon come to terms that u r no longer required as u r not the only source giver he can obtain from. This is how marital affairs will sip in. You don’t provide, someone else is more than glad to provide.

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sometimes there are phases and it may happen to either spouse. have a talk with him and explain to him what you are going through. if there is understanding in the relationship, you both will come off feeling better after the talk.

me and hub have sex only once or twice a mth and we are only 7mths married. he is ok with it as i had my past experience on being rape so i get scared at times and he is totally understanding.

sex is definitely not an obligation in a marriage...although it's important. maybe o have a short trip..just the 2 of you, to take a break and try to find the passion back?

Wouldn't call it an obligation but intimacy is important in marriage. It's about understanding one another and finding a way to accommodate each other's needs.

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Can ask hubby to masterbate with your involvement. Should not be just him satisfying his own desire without consisting your feelings

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I don't think sex should be obligatory. it should be a pleasurable and pleasing process, not something that is stressful etc:)

Have you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? Might help you and hubby to find mutual ground....

Maybe u can grant ur hubby to satisfy himself somewhere? Then things will be resolved for the both of u