Milk For Pregnant Mothers

Hi! Could I find out which is better for pregnant mothers - fresh milk or milk that you make out of powder from brands like frisomum?

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Maternal milk has added nutrients but if u have a balanced diet, no need to add on with maternal milk. Low fat fresh milk and soyabean milk is good enough. Also higher risk of GD due to added sugar in maternal milk.

Maternal milk is better as it is specially catered for pregnant women. I have it 2-3 times per week at least. I do drink fresh milk on some days too if i dont have time at home to make my maternal milk.

Hi, for me i had gestational diabetes. So gynae asked me to avoid maternity milk as they are typically higher in sugar.

I was told that maternity milk makes you gain weight. I didn't drink. I drank anlene concentrate fat free instead

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I took maternal milk - frisomum and dumex as I felt that the nutrients are specially catered for preggers.

Low fat milk makes you hungry so you will eat more. It’s sugar that makes you put on weight, not fat.

Maternity milk will gain weight so I didn't drink. I drank low fat milk and Nutrisoy reduced sugar.

Take milk that is free range. Healthier and tastier.

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I took HL milk the red packet.

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Any pasteurized milk is fine.