Pregnant Mum Suitable To Drink HL Fresh Milk

I don't like to drink milk powder , so I only drink HL Fresh milk. Morning and night. It's OK for a mum

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I was drinking HL milk and my gynae commented that it is quite sweet and recommended me meiji low fat fresh milk. I agree HL is sweeter

Maybe you should try Meiji or Marigold instead. HL is sweeter and is made with milk substances instead of only fresh cow's milk.

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yes as long is fresh milk any brand is ok, u can also drink no sugar added soya milk

Yup! Crazy over Meiji milk currently! Drinking 3 - 4 glasses per day 😂

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Yes fresh milk or any milk is good. Can replenish calcium levels

I used to drink meiji fresh milk thru out my pregnancy.

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Yes it’s safe to drink marigold HL fresh milk.

Thank you you all, I will try meiji milk also

Yes, as long as the milk is pasteurised


No. Please choose pasteurised milk