Breast Milk Storage

Is Bottle or milk bags storage better for storing breast milk in fridge? Why?

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I use bags to freeze EBM. However if I pump right shortly before my LO’s upcoming feeding time, I’ll just store it in the bottle for quick access to it since I don’t have to wait for it to defrost & warm up.. Hungry baby is an angry baby.. So whatever quickest way. haha!! :)

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I have both bottle about 10 & milk bag. Bottle are those for baby day to day consumption. Milk bag if you have supply to keep. Bottle cause it is reusable.

Personally I use milk bags as they are easier to store in my fridge and won’t take up as much space as compare to bottle

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Bag saves space, thats the reason for me using bags actually. Bottle is convenient but takes up too much space.

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I prefer bottles as they are more environmentalky friendly and i can just heat it up easily before feeding baby


I use milk storage bags, but the thought of it is a 1 time use is quite heart pain because cannot be reuse.

Is no one is better than the other. Bags are kore convenient. Bottles are more money saving

If your fridge allow then you can use bottle if not bags really save a lot of space

Bags just give a space convenicne in the fridge rathr than bottles

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I think bag save more space but bottle cn reuse