My baby hasn’t been sleeping during night time all the way till morning even though he is yawning and it’s tiring for me when I get super sleepy and no energy left.

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Ikr... Best to establish a routine to let baby understands that she has to sleep at night. For my case, I would shower my baby, wear her sleep sack, feed her milk then she will know she is going to sleep already.

My baby was like that all the way till about 2 months plus then he started to sleep at night. Perhaps it's just a phase, it will pass soon. Hang in there! The days are long but the years are short!

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Maybe reduce your baby's sleeping time during the day so that he or she will sleep longer during the night...

Have to start sleep training for your baby. During day time let them slp with natural lights on

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Omg! I’m currently in the same position as you. Totally feel you.

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Start sleep training? How old is your baby?

3y ago

2 month old

Hi, I can understand. Gradually the baby's sleeping cycle will sync and it will all be fine soon.

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high5 (':

Understand. Really tired