Feeling sleepy during #week36

Is it normal to keep feeling sleepy during 36 weeks? I'm sleeping more than usual and I get tired and really no mood for anything. #week36

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Same here, tired more because of the discomfort. Also not easy to fall asleep at night sometimes because I can feel the baby pressing on my organs and ribs in certain sleeping positions, and waking up to pee every 2-3 hours. I also can’t sit long without feeling pressure on my chest so have to lie down to rest most afternoons. I also have a 2 year old so definitely extra tired lol

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very normal hahaha not much we can do bah. just sleep and laze lor. im 39+1 weeks and there are days i dont even get out of bed. its more on insomnia + sleepiness combine. however do try to at least walk arnd the house to circulate your blood for few minutes atleast. take care ❤️

Yes Feel the same way po. dati di nman aq ganito ka antukin kaso ngayong ka buwanan kuna imbis na iniiwasan ko kumain ng marami at laging natutulog kasi lalaki c baby sa tummy.Pero wla e talagang inaantok ako buong araw pag wala aq ginagawa


Yes totally normal. And is like Super hibernating mode, before you pop. Once you pop, you don’t get to sleep no matter how sleepy you are. Mummies only nap! Enjoy while u still can sleep!

Idk, but mummies in my community are always active. Even 40 weeks mummy are doing yoga, so I think it's normal or unhealthy and unfit people looking at the comments...

You shd really sleep as much as you can now because once you go into labour, you won't have a lot of snooze time anymore (at least not for the next 2 months)

yeah sis same goes to me 35 weeks now already 36 weeks keep on feel sleepy wake up shower eat then feel like wanna lie down and back pain

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Yes it’s normal. Especially when u have interrupted sleep throughout the night due to going to toilets frequently. :)

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Yes. Totally agree. My mom advise me to wear pad or diaper so I don’t have to get up and go to the toilet. Sometimes only a few drops, kept walking in and out of the toilet.

That is totally normal. When i was at that stahe, i was so lazy haha! Get as much rest before the baby comes!

yes is normal ☺️,me too i have sleep 8 hours in night and still need to sleep in a afternoon ☺️