This morning 1.30am my LO wake up all the way till now 7.52am. In between no matter how I coax him to sleep he don't want to sleep, sometime almost fall asleep but will suddenly be awake and start to look around until now he cry because of overly tired. So hard to calm a overly tired baby down. Me, my husband and my LO energy all drained. My LO is 2months. I don't understand why he wants to be awake the whole time even when he fall asleep he will wake up and start to look around. Lights on and off I tried still he just stare until 7am. Excessively crying for almost 1hr and at last manage to calm him down. Want is the best way to coax a baby to sleep or calm a overly tired baby down? I really don't know what to do if this happen everyday. It's already been 1 week my LO keep being awake no matter how me and my husband coax him. He will surely wake up at midnight and everything starts again.

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The first three months, are usually the time when the newborns need time to differciate between day and night time. you have to start a routine right now. He seems overstimulated. Here are some tips to help you : - Start a bedtime routine Wipe down during evenings, long sleeves clothes, light off(or dim lighting) - i will on some lullaby music by the background to let LO know it's bedtime. it's soothing and comforting for them too. - swaddle baby if possible, it makes them feel secure.

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Sounds like an established routine will help fit the puzzles together. You can start now, not saying that it will work. But by incorporating it now, it would be easier for baby. I carry and dream feed baby in the night.

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