At 20 weeks, we will be going for detailed scan. Is it possible for us to not know the gender during the scan?

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My baby's gender was just determined upon my last ultrasound (33 weeks) - but it's just because when we decided to have an ultrasound (not required but my hubby wants to find out if he's having a tenor or soprano to be) at 23 weeks, my baby didn't front face at all! It took us like almost an hour but she really don't want to show up her gender or even her face. Yea, a silly one! :) If you're having a baby girl, her vagina is now fully developed on week 22: Basically, ultrasounds according to this source is not mainly performed to determine the sex of a baby but the second ultrasound done bet 18-22 weeks is to make sure the baby is growing and developing properly and which when parents can learn the sex of the baby.

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i just done my 20week scan last week on 27 dec. we couldnt see the baby gender as my baby was on his/her sides and his other leg is blocking the way. so my doctor advice us that the gender will be reveal on next visit which will be on my 27th week. so my point here is.. maybe before going try talking to ur baby so he/she opens up😂😂😂😂

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Yes, if the sonographer is unable to get a clear view of your baby's genitals, then it is possible. I only knew of her gender at my 22nd week scan as I didn't have frequent ultrasound scans. If you have done the Harmony test, you'll be able to know the gender of your fetus because it detects the chromosome. By 16 weeks, the genitals are developed enough to distinguish gender.

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Oh I didn't know Harmony Test can also be used to detect gender too. No one told me about it. Thanks for sharing.

In many cases, 20 weeks, the genital can be clearly seen unless the position of the baby not allwing it to be seen. But if it is a boy, most probably, you can see his bird but for girl, quite difficult but i am sure, doctor can see it even we dont. 😁😁

Hi there. There is a higher possibility that you won't find out the gender at 20 weeks. The doctor said can't see anything as the bump was still small. So Ill go after 2 trimester

I didn't know my baby girl's gender until she was delivered! Haha she was always hiding her private part for every scan we did even the detailed one! :p

Usually the detailed scan will reveal gender. But you will first be asked if you would like to know the gender. If you wish not to know, you could indicate your preference.

Am 33weeks but my baby gender can't be seen yet am worried the doctor said that my baby position the baby legs is not allowing them see the gender

It depends on the position of the baby, it can be as earlier as 16 weeks, as my doctor without asking me telling the gender of my baby ☺

Yes, my lo didnt reveal herself, doctor finally told me the gender when i was almost 7 months, as i went for amniocentesis