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Acrylic, gel or just regular mani -- what to choose when you want something that lasts. Spending some 'me time' tonight. Please suggest and approx cost too! TIA! :)
A minha bebé é muito bonita 😇😇😇😇
Gel or regular mani. Acrylic mani v hard to maintain
Ando muito cansada e sonolenta e dói me imenso as costas
Gel mani :)
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Regular mani
Mommies, when was the last time na nag-splurge kayo for yourself? How was it? :)
I can't even remember when was the last time. Ever since I have the kids, it almost is nearly impossible to buy anything. Everytime I want to buy for myself, I'll end up thinking, nevermind I rather b
Hubby wants to open a savings account. He said it's for us. But wants it to be under his name. Does he makes sense? I want it to be under both our names though so whatever happens I know I also have a
If he wants a savings account under his name, fine but you don't contribute to it. You start your own savings account too if you want to save. But if he wants you to contribute, then it should be a jo
While your concern is not unreasonable but the fact that you are feeling this way and your husband is not willing to change his position. My advise is don't open it, keep financial separated and have
Your bank account should be "and" or "or" account because it's a conjugal property.
If the money pools money from both peoples earnings then for sure it has to have both names on it. If it is only his earnings but meant for the family then it should have both names too. That is a s
If both of u contribute to the account then there should be both names. Unless he is the sole contributor to the account for "us"
Okay ba painumin ng pang 3 y-o ang toddler ko? Same brand ng formula? 2yo na sya and 1-3 y/o naman yung iniinom nya currently.
Check it first with your child's PD, mom. But I bet you not to try giving it.
How do I keep my 2y/o from playing with her potty? T_T she thought it's something where she can keep her toys (or even snacks). Haist. >_
You need to keep reminding her it is not a toy. Place it in the toilet and out of her reach, maybe close the toilet door so she can't get it. Out of sight, out of mind :) The other option you can
Keep telling her what the potty is for. Tell her she cannot put in her toys or food. Offer her another box or tray to put her stuff in. I think if you keep telling her all this, she'll get it after a
I place mine in to the toilet and he still plays with it during shower time. Keep explaining to her what the potty is meant for. Put it in the toilet or remove it once she has used it after shower.
Place it in the toilet. Tell her it's for poo time.
My baby's turning 2 na next week and di pa complete milk teeth nya. Normal pa ba? As in 2 frony teeth pa lang sa baba!
Hey dear, dont understand your question.
When did you know that you're ready for baby 2.0 already? :)
Sometimes before we are even 'ready' we just happen to have no.2 unless you go all way out in birth control and prevention. When things happen and come, you naturally will get yourself ready for i
Think abt finances, anyone to look after #1 when u have #2 or are u able to cope with looking abt 2 children on ur own?
I never knew and ill never know. When it comes, it will come unless you dont have sexual intercourse at. Lol. And there will never be a time when we are ready even if we try our best to fully equi
May mga do's and don'ts ba when it comes to transition ng toddler's milk from 1-3y/o to 3+ formula milk?
Sorry, whats mga?
Hi rissa, what's the best makeup brand for beginners? :)
Noong nag-umpisa ako mag makeup, nag test test muna ako ng mga products, di muna ko bumili ng mahal agad kasi baka masayang lang! Hahahaha sinubukan ko ang Happy Skin din dahil may product sila na wal
Sa banko ba kayo nag-sasave for your soon hospital expenses? And during this phase ba kayo nag-start or earlier. Pls share!
Back when I was pregnant, sa bpi ako nagssave for my soon hospital expenses. Don't forget your Philhealth kasi malaking tulong din yun. Malaki din naleless pag may philhealth
yes .. sa bank and handa mo din ung philhealth mo malakinb tulong kasi un .
Yes. But we also keep cash in the house. Ayaw na ayaw ko kasi nag wiwithdraw hehe natutuwa ako kapag konti lang yung withdrawal sa record ng account namin, maybe it's an oc thing ewan hehe I already
For emergency mayroon kami sa bank pati cash sa bahay. Hindi mo kasi alam kung kailan biglang magloloko mga ATM machine! Mabuti na kung laging handa :)
For emergency funds, pwedeng sa bank kasi madali lang mgwithdraw in case kailanganin. Sa insurance industry, kasama talaga dapat ang emergency funds sa pinagtutuunan ng pansin kasi every individual or