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Will the gender reveal be correct during detailed scan at 20 weeks?

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I am a sonographer. Nothing is ever 100%. We can usually see the gender quite well at that age most of the time. However, sometimes the male genetalia can be flat against the tummy and the femal genitalia can be swollen. Just be mindful there is a possibility of intersex babies where they do not fit neatly in a binary categories of a boy or girl.

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If its a boy high chance its correct. Bt for a girl could be slightly tricky.. ive known someone who was told a girl all along and then one of the scans at 8 mths was told it was a boy!

3y ago

I heard about it too. You’re totally right

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Hey mommy! Saw you asked this a while ago. May I know if your result at week 20 was accurate?

Not 100% mommy. Your gynae will try to give you as accurate as possible.

Yes. Usually it comes with a picture. I love that moment.

yes for mine..

Yes for mine

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usually ya..


mostly yes

not 100%