FTS scan.

FTS scan is done around week13, during this scan, will we be able to know the gender of the baby? Or we have to wait till week 20?

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usually the sonographer will not tell you the gender during the fts, I did ask out of curiosity but she mention it will be more accurate to see during the FA scan during 20weeks.

We were not able to find out at week 12+ during NT scan, as the tech said baby is too small at this stage. Found out at 15+ week by NIPT.

I just did NT scan at week13 last week. Able to see gender cause I couldn’t wait till week 20 😅

1mo ago

Nuchal translucency scan. Scan during 1st trimester to check for Down syndrome. Wanted to know my baby gender, the sonographer was kind enough to check for me. 🥰

FTS cannot see gender. But I got to know during week 16 and confirm at week 20

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I’m done with FTS scan haha no mentioned of any gender by the gynae.

1mo ago

I think more of can see or not la, we tried seeing the 10 pcs of ultrasound and compare with online also but cannot really see the nub or alignment. But you can always ask the gyne if they can spot any signs haha try luck

you could but accuracy not as high when at week 19 onwards.

Will only know at week20 unless you opted in for NIPT