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Hello!! I'm going to do detailed scan this Friday; i'll be 18 weeks. Can i find out baby's gender at 18 weeks?

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depends on your baby really. usually yes. i did my detailed scan at 20 weeks but baby was too shy to show his anatomy. he only shows his back. i only find out my baby's gender at 26 weeks. the ultrasound technician had to push my tummy, wiggle2 my tummy, i was asked to cough and pee .. it takes awhile and finally baby turns and its a boy! heeh.

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your detailed scan is week 18 ? if it is then usually can see gender if baby cooperate during scan.. advice to eat something before going because some people take longer to scan if baby not too cooperative..

8mo ago

Yess!! Thank you so much i will eat something before that😃

If baby is cooperative, yes! Mine like to show her bum bum to my gynae so around week 13/14 gynae told me “bottom is enpty” 😄 Confirmed gender on week 20 during detailed scan. (Same results)

8mo ago

🤭 Omg that was so nice and cute!! Thank you so much dear for sharing

Most likely yes if your bb is cooperative :)

8mo ago

Thank you dear for sharing!!