Upcoming detailed scan @ 20 weeks 4 days.

Hi! In a week's time, i'm going for my Detailed Scan and to find out the Gender @ 20 weeks 4 days. Do i have to go with full bladder or empty bladder to have a clear view of the scan? Or any other tips & advices to ensure that my baby will show his/her gender clearly? #firstbaby #advicepls

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bladder fullness doesn't play a part. they are skilled enough to scan baby accordingly. if baby isn't in a good position they will ask you to adjust, walk around or go for a snack and come back. so don't worry too much and just take it easy.

6mo ago

Thank you so much!!

full bladder. tell baby to be good and cooperate so the scan can go smoothly. nothing else you can do otherwise 😅

6mo ago

Ooooh! I haven't started talking to my baby (tummy) yet but i'll give it a try heheh. Thank you!

I just did my 20 week scan and was not on full bladder. still could scan the baby clearly. all the best to you!

6mo ago

I see!! Thank you!!

You don’t have to hold your bladder, baby is big enough to scan at week 20

6mo ago

Got it! Thank you!