Kkh 20 week detailed scan

Hi this is my first pregnancy, ill be going for my 20 week anatomy scan soon at KKH under subsidized. Anyone knows how long the procedure/scan will take ? Since its a detailed scan and the cost $. Lastly, any tips before the scan? Like to drink sweet drinks or empty bladder etc #firsttimemom

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Had mine done less than 2 weeks ago. Total came up to be around $100ish after subsidy. This includes consultation. Duration was around 20mins as baby was in a good position. Was only asked to go out and clear my bladder and come back for a final scan cuz she needed to see baby in another position. Definitely drink enough water before the scan! I drank at least 1.5l the day before so baby can be seen clearer. I went in without clearing my bladder (wasn’t full but wasn’t empty either) as I was ‘scolded’ by the technician for emptying my bladder before the scan during my FTS (12 week scan).

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Under kkh subsidised too. My detailed scan took 20-30mins. It would have been faster if baby wasn’t stubborn and facing downwards. The Sono nurse kept making me turn left, turn right and even poke my tummy to wiggle it to make baby turn. It was ticklish 😂 but she need baby to face up so she could capture and measure the nose area. They gave me a vaccination for whooping cough after that. It made my arm sore for days… think I only paid like $70 and the rest was deducted via Medisave.

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I think about 150 to 200 if this is also inclusive of dr's consulation right after ADC scanning. It depends on how long the waiting period because they would check the necessary for your baby and gender. No tips for scanning but if your baby's not active and sleep a lot then best to walk around, eat, talk to baby or even tap on your bump. Because if they are not able to check on certain things or not able to capture on system, you will be required to wait or come back.

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I am also under KKH subsidized and went for my detailed scan 2 weeks ago. My bill was $191.10 including consultation and glucose test. The scan took around 30-45min because baby kept facing down and we spent quite some time getting her to turn. I drank ice soya bean in the morning and was told that it will get her sleepy. The sono recommend ice milo before the scan so baby will be more active. All the best for your scan!

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glucose test & detailed scan on same day?

I was with kkh under subsidised route and my 20 week scan was only $30+ after subsidised. From what I know, there’s a different rate/percentage of subsidies depending on household income. How long the scan will take is really dependent on baby’s position and if they’re cooperating, my sono tried to earthquake shake my tummy and all and whole scan took like 45-60mins cos baby wasn’t cooperating

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duration depends on baby position. if baby not in ideal position, they might ask you go out walk walk 15 mins and come back in. if still not ideal then they might try to disturb baby a bit more. if still cannot i think might need second visit.