Just to ask. When your relatives die or having some serious medical conditions do u inform ur pils to let them know? My father ask me to inform my pils that 1 of my relative just died. He said is a must because my pils also related. I told him "why must i inform them when its my family matters? Its not like my they need to know everything about me. As if they will tell me about them also." He replied "why u talk like that? U must respect ur pils and let them know." Wtf? After all its my family matters not them. I dont think its something that is very proud to announce. I mean, u dont have to tell "everyone" right?

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It depends on how close both sides are, and whether you want to tell them or not. I'd say to tell out of respect, especially if both sides are close - so that there won't be any misunderstandings in future! If you're not comfortable with sharing, or if it's a distant relative - then it's up to you :)

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If pass away then yes I will inform. My husband's Grandmother pass away, then my parents went to the wake. My Grandfather pass away, and my in laws were at the wake also. I think out of respect, it is good to just inform. And let them do what they deem fit.

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Inform out of respect. I informed my mum about one of my inlaws death. my mother didn't turn up for the wake. till date, my husband is angry about it. Sometimes things like this no harm to announce for family issue.

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I know if relatives passed away need to inform pil but dont think having serious medical issue is necessary to tell.

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I think no need ..Personally i dont think its necessary .. But traditionally those old thinking.. they think yes ...

if your pil is not concerned about your family or never ever once asked about ur family. then dont bother informing

I think it's a small matter. Inform just inform lol or don't inform also can. I won't really care.

but me and my pils aren't very close and dont see the need to inform them when they cant even respect me

6y ago

then probably just ignore