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I really don't understand why my in law is so irritating always make me and my hub quarrel. Things I tell them don't do they will purposely do and my hub say I stuck in between. Can someone tell me am I wrong. What happen is that I'm giving 1 meal to my baby a day only because my Lo is taking I full bowl for lunch and I feel Its quite a bit. There's is small snack through out the day too. Those little puff or biscuits. I told them numerous time my baby now is not even 1yo the main source of food is still breastmilk but they just don't understand. They will purposely know I cook lunch for her they will cook dinner. And they will only cook porridge. As for my thinking is that I don't want my baby to get sick of the same food and start rejecting that food so I will change menu daily. We as a adult lunch eat porridge dinner same thing again we feel sick don't talk about this little one. They will say to my hub I don't want let her eat every time I need quarrel. And somemore I don't like baby to eat stuff that is cold I told them so many time they don't bother. The porridge they cook they can just leave it there until its cold then give my Lo. And everytime they will buy stuff without asking like wet tissue toys milk bottle etc. I understand they dote their grand child but so many things they buy is not the stuff my Lo will use or not the one I wanted to get. So I tell my hub this thing is not safe or useless. Next time ask them ask before buying. They will tell my hub I don't let my Lo use what they buy and we quarrel again. My in law is killing my marriage I really don't know why they are so stubborn! And worst I talk to them they don't feel is their issue. They even tell my hub everything is my issue. Can someone tell me what issue do I have?

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Super Mum

The issue is both sides want their way but neither want to compromise. Since you know they wanna cook dinner for your baby, then why not cut down on lunch. Or switch it up. Compromise there. For the baby items, depends on the item. If the quality is inferior, then I’d agree that better not to use. But if it’s matter of brand preference then, don’t waste.

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Share your baby menu for dinner to your in-law so they can cook for the baby. My mil also make porridge but she will add different ingredients inside after I told her to make it interesting for my toddler.