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Anyone of you here that do not have a close relationship with in laws? No matter how hard you try to be nice to them, be positive with them, it will always turn out the other way round? They took my toddler ystd to sleepover at their place and they brought her out until late at night 1am which I have never done before bcs my toddler has a routine for her bed time etc so going oit until that late is never for her. My husband called them not once but alot of times and they didnt pick up. Their last seen on whatsapp was recently right after he called them. I know them so well that when they are out anywhere, going back home early is so not them even with small children. I wont say I hate but I never really liked them from the start even bfre we got married.

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I seriously empathize with you. I do not have good relationship with my mil especially due to some misunderstanding in the past. And also, i do not agree with some of their living habits so i am very strict with my ground rules when they are present. And i told my husband before also. Some of which my husband do agree and he will tell his parents. Some he feels that i am too over and he will try to close one eye. But if i cannot accept it, i will be firm with my child in front of them to make them know i wun give in. Having such late night is a big NO for me. In fact, i wun even let my child sleepover at their place. One thg good is that they know my son's bedtime is sensitive. Cuz he will show tired sign when it is time. So they will not force and let us bring him back to sleep. If i were you, i will not let my kid sleepover any more. Or even be with them wo my presence if they do not know what is call respect the mother of the child. My mil is like that on certain areas so i nvr bother to talk to her.

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First of all, sorry to hear that you have such unreasonable in laws. If I were in your shoes, I will never let my in laws bring my children out anymore. If they insist to bring the children out then make sure you also present. I won't give a fuss if they are unhappy with me if they are the one not respect me first despite I already said nicely.

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1am is far far far too late. Even for adults it is too late. If they cannot respect the schedule for your kids, don't let the kids sleep over next time. If they insist on having the kids over, make it very clear to them that they cannot disrespect the wishes of the parents.

Hi, First of all I will talk to my husband about it and then with my in-laws together with him. I would be very straight with them about my expectations. Even then if they don't agree, I will take a stand and won't send my child like this.

Then I would lay ground rules They don’t want to follow they don’t get to bring grandchild out Sorry don’t believe in grandparents who can bring lo out til so late and guilt trip them

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Mil always like to play victim. Mine oso did tat before. And now she even say negative thgs to my husband behind my back. Bottomline is the child is yours and you are the one who live with the child. So it is your responsibility to teach and guide your own kid not others. Others got to respect you as the parent. Would they be happy if you as an outsider discipline their kids in front of them? Tell them to put themselves in your shoes. If she can respect your ground rules or the basic manners to you as the mother, i believe you will let her bring the grandchild out.

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It's really not a good idea to bring children out till so late. I guess you can only ask your husband to talk to them. In laws can be tricky, sometimes you just have to close one eye

We have spoke to each other about this matter before, as a grandparent they have to understand that one night can ruin the baby routine. The have to follow the ground rules

If i were u, i'll be super frustrated. In laws if they are unwilling to accept rheir children's spouse, there is nothing we can do , no matter how hard we try

Since they won’t listen, I would not let my child go over. Is my own child after all. 1am is very very late for a toddler to still be awake

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Hi... sorry to learn that you’re facing challenges with your in-laws. Try to take things easily and chill.